Chris Kelly from Northern Ireland studied BSc (Hons) Podiatry at QMU.

“After leaving school, I studied Health Sciences at North West Regional College in Northern Ireland. I knew I wanted a rewarding and worthwhile job, therefore a career in healthcare seemed ideal. However, I was unsure of which healthcare profession to choose. I’d read about podiatry and shadowed a podiatrist for my work experience at college, where I discovered it was an interesting and varied profession.

“I attended Queen Margaret University’s open day in Edinburgh and was very impressed with the campus, the podiatry staff and the good graduate employment rate, so I decided podiatry and QMU was for me.

“As expected, the course got more challenging as I progressed.  However, it was well structured and I appreciated the small class size. The lecturers were supportive and approachable, which is very important in a learning environment.

“I really enjoyed the weekly clinical placements. From year one I got to treat patients and over the four years of the programme, the complexity of the patients increased, along with my clinical knowledge, skills and confidence.

“Immediately after graduation, I began working in the NHS and I’ve also recently started working in private practice. Working as a podiatrist is exactly as I hoped it would be. I enjoy working with a variety of patients and providing them with care in arrange of areas such as diabetes, wound care, biomechanics, health education and promoting self-care.”

Published 2017 - 2018

Health Professions

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