Beatrice Skärström from Espoo in Finland, graduated with MSc International Management & Leadership with Tourism in 2018.

Beatrice first enrolled at QMU in 2013, when she studied BA (Hons) Events Management.

Why did you decide to study in Edinburgh and Scotland?

“I’ve always enjoyed speaking English and the idea of studying in English appealed to me, which is the reason I chose to come and study in Scotland.

“I also had a few of my closest friends move to Edinburgh at the same time, which made the move to an unfamiliar country much easier.”

Why did you decide to study MSc International Management & Leadership with Tourism at QMU?

“During my third year at QMU, an opportunity to apply for the course arose, and I jumped at it after a little coaxing from my family and partner.

“The course appealed to me due to its comprehensive and ample module list, as well as the wide career prospects it offers. I’ve always know I would like to become self-employed in the future.

“When I began my postgraduate studies at QMU, I’d just decided to abandon my plans on becoming an events manager, and had started dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur in the equine industry. I therefore changed the direction of my studies accordingly, and hoped that the course would help me achieve my goal by teaching me the necessary skills, and guiding me in the right direction.”

How did you find the workload? Did you feel supported?

“At first, I was slightly intimidated by the increasing workload, since my time management wasn’t aligned with the intense pace of the course.

“However, help was however available, and I learned to appreciate the help which was available for us at all times. I’m truly grateful to QMU for having such approachable and supportive lecturers that are always available to help when personal time management fails.

How did you think the course has equipped you with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop your career prospects?

“It’s equipped me with the appropriate skills to cope in the ever-changing business environment, while enhancing my understanding of how a business can be run depending on its objectives. My goal was always to create my own business, and after the course I feel much more confident doing just that.

“During the course, I also learned the importance of time and workload management, since a postgraduate course is very intense and requires a lot more independent studying compared to undergraduate courses.”

What is your top tip for future students?

“I suggest reviewing your personal time management both before and during the course to keep you right, as the workload will quickly build up if you let your schedule slip.

“Identifying your personal goals early on will also help you align your studies so that you’ll get the most out of it.”

What have you been doing since graduating from QMU?

“After I graduated from QMU, I remained in Scotland for another four months before my partner (now fiancé) and I decided to take the big leap and move to Finland together. I spent some time doing research before the move, and decided upon arrival to follow in my father’s footsteps, by creating a business with a similar business model to his.

“As of now, I’m still in the process of launching the company and the product which I hope will allow me to work with an industry I’ve been passionate about since I was a child – the equine industry.

“I’m certain that QMU has set me up with the best possible tools and skills to become a successful entrepreneur!”


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