Jake Elliott-Hook (BA Psychology and Sociology) and Amee Ritchie founded S'wheat, an ethical and sustainable brand which produces eco-friendly, reusable water bottles. The S'wheat bottle is made from plants making it fully biodegradable ensuring that it will never end up in landfill or the oceans.

S'wheat's success exemplifies QMU's collaborative approach to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship.  Jake and Amee joined QMU's Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) in 2018 with their idea for a biodegradable bottle.  Through QMU's partnerships with East Lothian Business Gateway, Edinburgh Merchant Company and Santander Universities, Jake and Amee were supported and mentored to realise their idea by maximising opportunities offered by Scottish Institute for Enterprise, Converge and Scottish Edge.


"We wanted to make a difference to the environment as large amounts of plastic continue to pollute our planet"


In August they crowdfunded more than £15,000 to finance production of the first run of S'wheat bottles which will be ready in December.