QMU research plays an integral role in public discourse and evidence based decision making, injecting knowledge, informed and measured views, shaping debates and seeding new ideas.

The purpose of the QMU Working Paper Series is to create a space for innovative thinking on collaborative, interdisciplinary and co-produced research to emerge and take shape.  It intends to be a friendly, open space to disseminate, circulate and discuss continuing research.  The objective is to support conversation and debate about new work, stimulating a lively exchange of ideas within the field as well as enhancing networking and potential cooperation among researchers, thinkers, practitioners and users.


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Complaint handling and fair decision making in the financial industry >
QMU Working Paper Series 2020/1 (August 2020)
Jane Williams, Chris Gill and Gavin McBurnie (14 pages)

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Achieving effective consumer representation: a study of the UK Payments Sector >
QMU Working Paper Series 2020/2 (November 2020)
Sarah O'Neill, Carol Brennan, Sally Chalmers and Jane Williams (33 pages)

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