Research Strategy 2015-2020

QMU is dedicated to improving the quality of life and building the evidence-base for policy and practice development through research and knowledge exchange. We are highly regarded for innovative, relevant, practice and policy informing research and scholarship across a wide range of disciplines. The value of our work is measured by its impact and the social usefulness, practicality and applicability of its outcomes. Please find a copy of our Research Strategy 2015 - 2020.

Research Culture

A lively and strong research culture is evident across the University and since RAE 2008 we have continued to grow with the appointment of an increasing number of internationally recognised professors and visiting fellows.

Our research culture is enhanced by strong links and collaborations with the NHS, other universities in the UK and worldwide, industry and the voluntary and third sector.

QMU Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

QMU has introduced a new IP Policy based on the principle of "Easy IP".  The aim of Easy IP is to maximise collaborative partnerships and ultimately, the transfer of university knowledge for public benefit.  Aligning much more closely with our institutional vision and commitment to impact and translational research, this provides a new IP exploitation framework to maximise user engagement with our research. 

A refreshed approach will support QMU in increasing partnerships with external stakeholders, collaborative research, insights into research problems and early product development. However, this new policy does not replace traditional routes for exploitation of high value opportunities or externally funded research.

Please find a copy of our Intellectual Property (IP) Policy


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