Sign Language Interpreting Webinars 2021




This webinar series offers a detailed look at different aspects of interpreting work.  The 2021 series includes 5 different webinar events, hosted by Dr Rachel Mapson and Yvonne Waddell.

Learn more about the Specialist Training for Interpreters webinar on 22 March at 7pm.

Learn more about the Healthcare Interpreting webinar on 22 April at 7pm.

Learn more about the Introduction to Reflective Practice webinar on 10 May and 24 May at 7pm.

Learn more about the Interpreting as Rapport Management webinar on 17 June at 7pm.

Learn more about the A Case Study Approach to Interpreting in Mental Health Settings webinar on 23 August at 7pm.

These webinars will be delivered live in spoken English and will not be available on demand after the event.  British Sign Language interpretation is available by request in advance.  Certificates of attendance will be issued after each event to those who attend.

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Learn more about the MSc/PgDip BSL/English Interpreting (Post-Registration) course.

Learn more about the BSL/English Interpreting (Single Modules) course.


Event Details

Location Online
Date & Time Start 22 March 2021
7:00pm End 23 August 2021
Cost £25-£30