Film screening: 'Pride' (Matthew Warchus, 2014) - as part of QMU's Creative Intersectional Week

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An online film screening of Pride (Warchus, 2014)

Realising that they share common foes in Margaret Thatcher, the police and the conservative press, London-based gay and lesbian activists lend their support to striking miners in 1984 Wales. The London chapter of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) collected money to help the union workers. Often described as an "unlikely ally", the LGBT+ community was actually a natural ally for the miners and union workers, though tempers flared between the groups (and so did some of their jeans!). This upbeat, colourful and multi-award winning film showcases the importance of allyship and solidarity in fighting oppression. The film screening will be introduced on 10 June at 7pm, and will remain available online for 24 hours, to staff and students at QMU.

Event Details

Location Online. Sign up on Eventbrite (link in event description).
Date & Time Start 10 June 2021
7:00pm End 10 June 2021
Cost Free.