Please click on the headings below to learn more about the sessions you will be taking part in as part of your induction and also other important information about studying at QMU.

QMU - Campus Reopening

View our new animated video, which sets out some of the steps we've taken to open our campus in September.

Covid 19 Safety on Campus

Please watch this short video about safety on campus

Guide to Accessing Collaborate (Virtual Classroom Tool)

View a quick guide to accessing Blackboard Collaborate.

Attending a session

Please Do Not use the Horizon VMWare remote access to open Chrome.

Instead please open a Chrome browser and click on the link below to attend the session

Test Room - Test your computer audio and video work using the test room.


Parent Talks

The Parents Talk will take place on Friday 4th of September at 2pm via the link below.

The Parents Talk is to provide information for parents whose young people will be starting their studies at QMU this September. This half hour session has input from a senior member of academic staff who will talk about studying at QMU, from a member of the Student Services team who will explain the support services available to students and from the Students’ Union who will detail the support that they offer and how to get involved in university life.


University Welcome Talks

The University Welcome Talk for new students is held to provide information for students who are starting their studies at QMU this September. This half hour session has input from a senior member of academic staff who will talk about studying at QMU, from the Head of Student Services who will explain the support services available to students and from the Students’ Union who will detail the support that they offer and how to get involved in university life.

Links to these sessions will be emailed to students shortly

Induction Video

Personalised Timetables

Personalised Timetables

Once the timetable has been published, you will be able to access your personalised timetable via the Student Portal and via the MyQMU app which will display up-to-date time and room information. Please note you will need to complete online matriculation in order to view your timetable. Information on matriculation will be emailed to you in August. More general Module and Group timetables will be available via the website.

GP Registration

All students are advised to register with a Medical Practice within the area they are living when they arrive at QMU Registration with a GP (General Practitioner/ Doctor) healthcare and prescriptions are free and delivered by the NHS in Scotland. 

QMU are working in partnership with the Riverside Medical practice and students living on campus or in Musselburgh are encouraged to register with this practice. You can register with the practice online through 

Paper forms have also been made available in student accommodation on campus or you can download the form fill it in and email it to the practice on this email address:  

If you are not resident on the QMU Campus, you can seek out your nearest practice here 

 Further information on Health and Chaplaincy 


Information Services, Hub & QMU Email Accounts

Information Technology / Digital Learning Technologies

Before you can access QMU IT facilities - such as the Hub, webmail and wireless access in the halls of residence, you must have completed the online matriculation process. Registry will contact you once we are ready for you to complete the process.

You can learn more about IT and Technology via Getting Started guide via our website

Advice on studying away from campus.

IT will also be running some online sessions to assist you with any queries you may have. Further details to follow.


Library Induction

Using the Learning Resource Centre (LRC/Library) effectively is crucial to getting good grades in your assessments. This session will show you how to get started with the Learning Resource Centre with links to key information on how to find information in books and journals and to help you use our systems.

Find out more about the LRC.

International Student Registration

In order to receive your student card you must email the following items to

International students:   All international fee paying students must email the data page of their passport, and if relevant, the visa/immigration documents showing permission to studying in the UK.

Students with Dual Nationality: Students with dual nationality, where one or both nationalities are outside of the EU, must also email the data page of their passport, and if relevant, the visa/immigration documents showing permission to studying in the UK.

Student Route Visa Students: Students on a Student Route Visa must email the data page of their passport and the vignette showing initial entry to the UK. Student Route students will also be required to go to a pre indicated Post Office to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) within ten days of arrival in the UK. There is some flexibility on this and if you cannot go within ten days due to the need to self-isolate, you should go as soon as you are able to. Although students will be able to matriculate without sending the University their BRP, they will be required to send the BRP to the International Office by Friday 2nd October 2020. If you need more time to submit your BRP you must email the International Office to explain the situation. Students who fail to show their BRP will have their IT access restricted.  

Documents should be saved and sent as a PDF, JPEG, GIF or .Doc with a max file size of 2048kb. Please save your documents as: LAST NAME first name - STUDENT NUMBER – document type  e.g. SMITH John – 20000000 – Passport or SMITH John – 20000000 – Visa

Upon receipt of your documents we aim to send your student card out within 48 hours Monday to Friday.

International Student Induction

Student Route Visas 

If you have arrived in Scotland and completed self-isolation for 14 days (if required), those of you on a Tier 4 Student visa are requested to join our in-person induction on Wednesday, 9 September 4.00pm-5.00pm in the Halle Lecture Theatre on Level 3. This session will provide information relating to your visa, and also gives you a chance to ask questions to help you settle into your new surroundings.


If you hold or expect to hold a Student Route visa to study at Queen Margaret University, but are unable to join the induction in person we will run two online sessions on Thursday, 10 September 9.15-10.15 and 4.00pm-5.00pm . The two online sessions are a repeat of the in-person induction, and we highly recommend that you attend one of these sessions.

EU Students

If you are an EU student and want to know more about the EU Settlement Scheme you are invited to join our online session on Friday, 11 September 9.15am-10.15am. This session will also include time at the end to ask any questions to help you settle into your new surroundings.

Students' Union

As a student at Queen Margaret University you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union whether you are part-time, full-time, distance learning, undergraduate or postgraduate.

The Students’ Union is a student led organisation specialising in enhancing the student experience. We offer advice and support services, representation, extra-curricular activities through sports and societies, volunteering opportunities, events and a student focused café and bar.

More information and how to get involved or join our Freshers 2020 Facebook group to keep up to date with welcome activities and events.

Wellbeing & Support Services

Student Services

Support is at the heart of making your experience at QMU a positive one, and our services for students play an important role in supporting you from application to graduation. Our staff within the services, and throughout the University, aim to help you make the most of your time at University, and to reinforce your learning, your well-being and your personal development.

The services range from looking after the administration of your studies to helping you build up lifelong career planning skills. Please click here for more information.

Wellbeing Services

Our Wellbeing Service offers support for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and facilitates building up resilience and healthy living to support you on your journey through University. We can offer advice on help and support for mental health issues. Please click here for more information.

Tuition Fee Funding

Proof of Tuition Fee Funding: If you are sponsored by SAAS or Student Finance NI / England / Wales you do not need to bring your sponsor letter with you to induction. If you are being sponsored by your employer or other external organisation then please email this information to or submit this information during matriculation (online registration).

You can also view information on tuition fees and funding via the following links:

Tuition Fees

Student Funding




Meet your Programme Team

Meet and Greet with Programme Leader

In this session your Programme Leader will welcome you, introduce themselves, advise how they can be contacted, provide a brief outline of activities taking place during induction week and provide any other relevant information/guidance.

Programme Specific Talk

This is normally a two hour session during which the Programme Leader (and other staff as appropriate) discuss programme specific matters such as the programme structure, activities across the year, placements, attendance requirements, programme specific regulations and any other matters that you wish to discuss.

Both of these sessions may take place either on campus or online. Please check your induction schedule for more information.

Council Tax Exemptions

If you are a full time student with a term-time address in the City of Edinburgh Council or East Lothian Council catchment areas then we will pass on confirmation of your enrolment at the University, term-time address and official term dates to the Council.

Those students living in the Edinburgh Catchment Area should also register via the following link every year for the duration of their studies

Edinburgh Council Tax Registration Form

For Undergraduate students these dates will run from 14th September 2020 until 30th April 2021 and for Postgraduate students from 14th September 2020 until 31st August 2021.

Student A-Z Guide to QMU

Contacts Page

If you have any queries about any aspect of your induction or studies at QMU please see our Contacts Page for details of staff at QMU who will be happy to help.

Bringing Food Products to the UK

Please note that there are strict rules governing the import of food produce into the UK.  

Please see the link below for further details: 



Student Guide to Services at QMU

Student Services

Student Services

Student Services are here to support students at QMU and our services play an important role in supporting you throughout your time at QMU. We have a range of services for you to access such as careers and employability, disability services, student funding services, wellbeing and counselling services.

All of our support services for students will continue to be available to our students over the coming academic year. We are offering a variety of online appointment and face to face appointments. We will be responsive to your needs as far as possible and will be able to provide support whether you are on campus or not.

Our services are bookable through Student Central in the first instance but if you struggle to access you can email student services and we can make an appointment for you. More information on our services are available through the Student Services Web page.

 You can also have a look at our 2020-21 Student Services Handbook.